Spark A Little Flame

Make A Little Magic Romantic Comedy 

Book One

A fun and clever laugh-out-loud romantic comedy 

from award-winning author & Rita finalist 
Jennifer Archer…

J.T. Drake: It’s not easy to seduce a woman who can’t see me. But if I weren’t invisible, prim and proper 
Rosy Peabody would probably have even less of an interest in me. At least as her science experiment, I 
have her undivided attention and unlimited opportunities to try to win her affection . . . or to at least make her 
blush that pretty shade of pink that tells me I’ve sparked her temper. So maybe I shouldn’t be in such a 
hurry to have my image restored . . .
Rosy Peabody: It’s not easy to ignore my tingling nerve-endings whenever J.T. and I touch. I keep telling
myself that they’re only the after-effects of his electrified state, but lately, just the thought of him provokes
the same reaction in me. I wouldn’t give a cocky guy like J.T. a moment of my time if not for the fact that
I’m partially responsible for his condition . . . and quite possibly the only person capable of reversing it.
And now I can’t help wondering . . . if J.T. ever materializes, will our sizzling chemistry disappear . . . or
spark a little flame?

Best Selling Author

Jennifer Archer

Jennifer Archer is the author of numerous fiction and non-fiction works. Her novels have been nominated for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Rita Award and Romantic Times Bookclub’s Reviewer’s Choice Award. In 2013, the Texas Library Association selected her debut young adult novel, Through Her Eyes, for their first Spirit of Texas Reading Program – Middle School, and for the TAYSHAS High School reading list.

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Archer captures the voices and vulnerabilities of her characters with precision.” 

– Publisher’s Weekly


(Jennifer Archer) manage(s) to make the plot move along without resorting to outlandish characters, bizarre behavior or too hackneyed a plot.” 

– Dear Author


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